I’m blocked from all access to pluralsight, cause: unusual behaviour

What exactly? No idea.

Interesting courses I might watch from start to finish, often at 1.4-1.6x speed. Already known basics I might skip in the 10s increments the UI allows or go to 2x.

Other courses only peripherelly interesting I usually read reviews, skim through the transcript and if there is a particularly interesting point in the table of contents I might watch that.

Bad behaviour in the eyes of pluralsight.

In the previous years free-weekends I got temporarily banned for that, support mails usually include something like “yes, can confirm, you’re unbanned, but be warned: Next time…”.

Pluralsight seems to have a huge fear of people ripping off their content.

They miss the point, people not only come to their site for content but for the badges. The content is really not that deep and detailed, as most courses I encountered are 2-3 hours, and could usually be one-upped by either some excellent 20+ hours course on udemy or youtube. But I get it, the content is not just content, it’s curated, there’s quality control. You can be sure to not get some low-quality stuff, even without looking at reviews. Huge timesaver in contrast to udemy where there are literally 1000s of 33min fake courses with less content then on the matching wikipedia entry.

Pluralsights advantage of quality, albeit at the level you can get with a 3 hour overview is in my opinion the best prerequisite for the badges. With the profile stats page one can show, that there is a knowledge of that specific content.

Embarrassing for a site specialized in technical content to seem so incompetent when it comes to distinguishing fraud from “unusual behaviour”.